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What is Chiropractic?

What is Chiropractic?

As Chiropractors we assess how well your spine and nervous system are functioning. Chiropractic is known to help a variety of complaints, primarily related to musculoskeletal system i.e. your spine, muscles, joints and nerves.   

Your spine is made up of 24 vertebrae and it is our job as a Chiropractor to ensure they are aligned properly and moving freely to allow for optimal function of the nervous system and a sound structure to support you in your day to day life.

Any stress, be it chemical, emotional or physical, may create a change in function resulting in altered or abnormal spinal motion. Think of the Fight or Flight response. It is for this reason we often provide information and recommendations to improve lifestyle habits.

We refer to this altered/abnormal spinal motion as a subluxation. Simply put, subluxations stop the body from functioning optimally and it is through a series of specific Chiropractic Adjustments laid out in a program tailored to your individual needs and goals, along with relevant lifestyle recommendations that we as Chiropractors can help you regain optimal function of your spine and nervous system. 

So whether your aim is to just walk or play with your kids without pain or if you are training for a big event we enjoy nothing more than helping you get there.

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Chiropractic Techniques


Adjustments – Diversified/ Full Spine

This most commonly used adjustment and is characterized by a short, specific, and fast force applied to specific joints of the spine to instil motion, stretch surrounding muscles, and stimulate the nervous system.


Extremity Adjustments

The chiropractic approach can be applied to other joints of your body where function has been impaired: wrist, jaw, shoulder, elbow, hip, and ankle, etc. This technique is especially helpful for athletes.


Thompson Technique

This technique has evolved into one of the most utilized approaches because of its precision and results. It is very unique in that it requires the use of an adjusting table that actually moves with the adjustment, allowing for a combination that produces precise adjustments and high levels of patient comfort. This technique is ideal for a person with a reversed cervical curve, decreased disc height, bulging discs, and for patients with arthritis.


Cranial Adjusting

This highly specialized analysis can detect and realign misalignments in the skull with gentle precision and care. The way in which your Chiropractor chooses to adjust you will always be tailored to your specific case and body size.  When adjusting children we make sure they are 1st comfortable with us and their adjustments are always gentle and tailored to their size.  From experience children enjoy coming in to get adjusted and they learn a lot about how their bodies heal and function