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Four years ago I was struggling to control referred pain from nerve root entrapment caused by degenerative changes in my cervical spine. As a GP, I was aware of the limitations of NHS treatments. The pain was threatening my life long pursuit of cycling and swimming. Within weeks of commencing chiropractic treatment, there was a marked improvement. Thanks to Arleen the condition is now managed successfully with regular maintenance chiropractic sessions.

Stuart C

Excellent chiropractic clinic, Arleen has so much knowledge and looks at the bigger picture for overall health and wellbeing. Just excellent.

Egg C

Big improvement in my posture.

David S

Arlene has been fantastic at pin pointing specific root cause of back pain, and doing treatments that get us moving again as a family. She’s helped us and our kids.


Super friendly and thorough experience here, has been a lifesaver recently, highly recommended.


Help me a lot, when I almost couldn’t walk.

Olga I


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