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As soon as I walked into Chiropractic 1st I knew I was in safe hands. The team are friendly, professional and caring and Arlene dealt with my pain issues with great professionalism and more importantly, corrected the problems as well as advised and educated on how to maintain a healthy spine. Thank you for your care and for continued support!

Clare P

I first visited Arlene a few years ago with painful plantar fasciitis which was not sorted by physio or shoe inserts. I was impressed that she pretty quickly dealt with this and the adjustments also improved my overall posture and flexibility. I have been a patient ever since and see my regular adjustments as ongoing maintenance and a part of my health and fitness programme.

Steve P

Chiropractic is an excellent way to improve general wellbeing. By taking care of my spine, Chiro 1st has helped me enjoy life even more!

Ann F

The services provided at Chiropractic 1st are excellent. A thorough assessment is carried out and then a clear and practical programme is put in place. Time is always given to discuss needs and there is ample advice and support provided by the team to ensure that there is a holistic approach to health improvement and well being. I know that my own health has improved as a result of the intervention and advice from Arleen and I also know that it is my responsibility to maintain healthy choices and practices in the future. As a result, I will maintain a level of chiropractic support beyond my current treatment programme.

Murray R

I can highly recommend Chiropractic 1st. I’ve struggled with lower back pain for years and more recently neck and shoulder pain. Within my first visit I could already feel a vast improvement.

Annie A

Arleen has saved me and my back so many times and I’m not exaggerating ….!! Lower back pain has haunted me most of my life compounded by a motocross accident 5 years ago. Now when pain starts Arleen is on speed dial, she works her magic and I can carry on…….. I can’t thank her enough

Greg H


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