Lucille Bleekers - Nutritional Therapy

Lucille Bleekers

Nutritional Therapist

Lucille Bleekers is a registered Nutritional Therapist and first became interested in nutrition when she sought help 16 years ago for her own health concerns; a problem which started in her teens and kept rearing its head. Lucille was amazed how changing a few things in her diet dramatically relieved her own health problems. Eating to improve her health became a way of life and she soon realised that she wanted to help others to make changes in their lives, in the same way and it became a vocation.

Lucille has drawn on her knowledge and experience to support and improve her own health during periods of high stress and ill health and has been offering the same to her clients, inspiring them to achieve wellness.

We all lead busy lives and don’t always feel we have the time to create the nourishing meals which are key to us feeling healthy and vibrant.

Although Lucille may recommend supplements, she is a huge advocate of eating fresh, homemade food and will help her clients find solutions to make this way of eating possible.

Through recipes, ideas, practical tips and support, her aim is to help you ditch the processed, fast and energy-sapping food, and fall back in love with clean, healthy eating.

Lucille is also a licensed associate with SuperWellness, providing nutrition centered Well Being for companies.