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The Chiropractic 1st Team

Thomas Carter D.C.

Thomas Carter D.C.

Thomas Carter D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic)

I studied at the University of South Wales from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, graduating with distinction in masters of chiropractic MSc.

Chiropractic is not a job, it is a lifestyle. I started my chiropractic journey age 12, for the normal reasons people do these days; pain. This was all I knew about chiropractic until I went to Chiropractic College and found out there was so much more to it.

Practicing at Cardiff Bay Chiropractic, I have made it my mission to spread the message of chiropractic to as many families as I can. During my time there I worked with a diverse range of clients from children to the elderly, presenting with a whole host of different conditions.
I have a passion for life, health, wellness and fitness and have excellent knowledge of biomechanics and human kinesiology gained whilst working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer.

My background is diverse, growing up as a farmer’s son, studying the arts in the hope to become a film director, ending up becoming a photographer, before diverting into the fitness industry as a personal trainer before my true calling was found. My life is led through my passion for health, like as a young boy; fitness and nutrition continue to bring me a greater expression of life. But chiropractic has completed me, and I look forward to sharing my passion with you all and exploring Yorkshire!

York Chiropractor, Dr. Arleen Scholten

Arleen Scholten D.C.

Arleen Scholten D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic)

I love spending time with my husband Stephen and three children Lauren (11), Aidan (8), and Harris (1.5). We are a very active family and love doing almost anything outdoors. I met my husband at mile 13 during my third marathon (I beat him) and we continue to stay active. I started running long distance in 1999 and have since completed 10 marathons (PB 3:22). I got the bug for triathlon a few years ago and my ultimate goal is to compete in an Iron Man Triathlon. We all run, bike, swim, ski and love a good long country walk in any type of weather. Our eldest 2 compete in several sports so our ‘free time’ is spent supporting them on the side lines. Chiropractic is a lifestyle for our family. This includes good nutrition, regular exercise, plenty of time outdoors, little screen time and regular chiropractic care. Yes, all 5 of us are adjusted regularly. Our children were all adjusted the day they were born, 2 were homebirths and I continue to check their spines regularly. There is a saying in Chiropractic ‘If the twig is bent so grows the tree’.

I will forever be dedicated to sharing the health benefits of Chiropractic. The choices we make daily for our family are those which support health and wellness. I am passionate about the science of human wellness and feel morally obligated to educate my patients on ways to increase health and well being through eating, thinking and moving, in ways congruent with our bodies.

We offer monthly workshops on any health related topic. Check out our Events section and join us in the practice.

When you have your health ANYTHING is possible!

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Clare Hudson Chiropractic Assistant

Clare Hudson ~ Chiropractic Assistant

Clare Hudson Chiropractic Assistant

Since joining Chiropractic 1st in May 2015, having no previous knowledge of chiropractic, I have seen and experienced the great health benefits chiropractic care can provide. As an advocate of healthy living and exercise, regular adjustments help keep me on the tennis court and participating in dance classes but are also an essential part of me maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. I love seeing the transformation of patients coming into our practice and witnessing each individual’s overall well-being improve with treatment – I have even seen one patient skip out the practice after initially crawling in for help!

Chiropractic 1st Massage therapist, Cheryl

Cheryl Wilsher,
Massage Therapist

Cheryl Wilsher CThA Massage Therapist (Specialising in Sport, Holistic, Swedish & Deep tissue Massage)

I qualified as a therapist in 2011 and have developed a continuous passion around the field of health & wellbeing. With a diverse sporting back ground, I regularly participate in numerous activities to keep myself looking and feeling at my best. My aim is to help others to also experience the benefits of being their best self. As massage treatment can be highly beneficial for a myriad of problems, I work with clients of all ages and back grounds, suffering from day to day aches & pains, work related & other problematic injuries, including stress induced tension. I enjoy a challenge & problem solving, working with elite athletes & active individuals wanting to improve sporting performance & recovery, muscular functionality or range of movement. Apart from massage I can use mobilisations, stretching, exercises for pain, injury & overuse. Treatments available: Sports Massage, Relaxing Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot & Cold Stone Therapy, Indian Head Massage & Pregnancy Massage. 1 Hour £45 90 minutes £60 half hour appointments £25 For appointments or more info call me on 07882 324193 Thanks Cheryl

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